Who can join RREC?

Membership is open to owners and non-owners alike and members are drawn from all walks of life and from most countries of the world. 

How to join RREC?

If you would like to join the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts' Club, please fill-in the application form https://rrec.org.uk/how-to-join.

Joining fee and Annual Subscription fee are mandatory.

Who can join the Polish Section?

Every RREC member.

How to join the Polish Section?

  1. Please refer to the following document.
  2. Confirmation of conformity to RREC “Rules for Sections” and confirmation of the readiness to join the Polish Section must be send to the Section Committee.
  3. The Section Committee confirms admission by e-mail.

Joining the Polish Section is free of charge at the moment.